Drain Repair

We саn repair an lаrgе numbеr оf drаin dеfесtѕ without еvеr hаving tо dig and We are providing the best service in Dublin. Our Drain Doctor Dublin will help our customers to repair and unblock drain/pipe.

The significance of a thoroughly functioning drainage gadget is widely instrumental. No matter the intensity of damage the drain undergoes, it has to be worked on to allow an uninterrupted flow of dirty water. Although frequently handy DIY hacks can furnish non-permanent brief solutions, it is professionals who can precisely address the nuisance of a damaged, clogged or broken drain. The most commonly used techniques of drain repair include the following Patch Liners, Excavation, and Hot Cured Lining, among others. We are providing the best service in Dublin. Our Drain Doctor Dublin will help our customers to repair and unblock drain/pipe.


This affordable technique of localized drain repair is particularly easy and hustle-free. In this method, with the help of a CCTV camera, a long, flexible rod connected with an impregnated patch is taken down into the drains. After the precise localization of damage is located, the inflated patch is placed on the spot and pressure per unit location is applied to it till patch deflates indicating repair.

Patch liners have garnered a deal of recognition in current years, ascribable to their longstanding and good value nature.


As the title itself indicates, in this method of drain cleaning, the affected section, or even the total drain gadget is brought out of the ground. This is a very sensitive work and is carried out with utmost precision to prevent damaging surrounding areas and pipes. Drain excavation is carried out by paving a way to the spot of the damage, executed under strict supervision and CCTV reports. The affected area is brought out and worked upon depending on the damage it has sustained. Issues that in many instances result in this measure encompass feeble pipes, multiple escapes and/or whole crash.


Also recognized as Cured In-Line Piping, it is a very technical method of waste pipe restore in which a bendy lining tube is set up with saturated resin which is then taken down into the drain and dropped off in the affected region. The resin is then fired up to result in hardening, and for that reason, the repairing process begins. Hot water, steam and/or UV lights are used depending on the resin. The repair is allowed to rest overnight under supervised temperatures and pressures, the resin continues to harden until the affected portion is healed.

This approach of waste pipe restore is quite patronized for its versatility in use and cost-effectiveness.

We have to monitor our drains and get them set up on time. Use professionals and experts and let your drainage issues be flushed down with relief.

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