Drain Unblocking

Dаmаgеd оr соllарѕеd drаinѕ will not bе ореrаting еffесtivеlу, potentially putting you and your fаmilу аt riѕk оf thе flооding оf water оr ѕеwаgе. We are providing the best unblocking service in Dublin. Our Drain Cleaners Dublin will help our customers to Unblock drain/pipe.

As people, we tend to disregard troubles up till the time when the water is over our heads. Minor oversights about blocked drains can bring about gurgling noises, foul stenches, sluggish drainage, water backing up and the worst of all, manhole or gully overflow. Before delving into the specifics of the drain unblocking, let’s have a look at the principal reasons for this since it is not an unusual problem. Drain blockage as can be derived from the term is when the pipeline that consists of used water out of our houses into septic tanks or sewers is blocked, most often caused by a residue build-up from meals, fats, plant materials, toilet papers, among others.


While minor clogs may be quickly treated the use of plungers or over the counter chemical substances, it is usually beneficial to get the right expert to assist you. Our expert Drain Cleaners Dublin adopt a ramification of unblocking techniques, the basic techniques encompass, hydro jetting, drain rods and near circuit cameras.


This is a completely eco-friendly and effective technique wherein a nozzle (which varies based totally on software) is inserted into the drain/pipes and water is propelled with excessive pressure, therefore penetrating and emulsifying grease, disintegrating sludge and debris, shattering roots, expunges hardened scale, flushes out the system and cleans inside walls of a pipe/drains.

Because of the giant stress of the water, if not carried out by experts, pipes and drains might go through critical damages.


Draining rods are essentially strong, flexible cables joined collectively to serve as a twiner. Such that, the cables are inserted into the blocked drain with forceful thrusts, this thrusting and twisting motion seizes all obstructions inside the cables and as the rod is pulled out the clogging materials are pulled out along with the rod.

As smooth as it seems, the mishandling of this equipment will not only damage the drains, it will push the clogs even further, thus making the extraction even tougher.


In this guise, small closed-circuit cameras are attached to long, flexible rods that pass through the drains showing the interiors of the drains. With this, the exact spot of damage or clog is ascertained and rectified instead of working blind.

It is always advised to seek professional assistance where your drainage or clogged drain is in question. Solving your drains on time will prevent numerous hassles mentally and health-wise.

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